Platform Home Loans

CEO Dave Tweedy wanted to raise his leadership team’s strategic perspective whilst raising his leaders’ ability to deliver even better, faster, and cheaper.

Several years ago, the American parent company of Platform Home Loans went bust and threatened to close the business down. However, the management team convinced the parent to give them time to find a buyer, and in a matter of weeks a VC was found to keep the business going.

Fast forward to today and Platform is a thriving and highly profitable specialist mortgage business. They have originated more than 50,000 mortgages, with a value in excess of £4 billion.

Although the business is highly successful, the CEO, Dave Tweedy, realised that “you don’t need to be sick to get better”. Facing the impact of regulation, and increasing competition, Dave wanted to take the business to an even higher level of performance.

To do so, the leadership team would have to shift their attention to an even more strategic perspective, and the rest of the organisation’s leaders would need to raise their game. In addition, the business would need to build its capacity to continually improve the customer’s experience and to make everything better, faster and cheaper.

The challenge – how best to continue to grow and perform while at the same time developing a long term strategy that takes the business to the next level.

Platform has partnered with ReConsulting to create a programme and process entitled “Leadership for Growth”.

The overriding objective is to prepare Platform and its leadership team to take the business to the next level.

After a series of interviews and on-line surveys, the Senior Executive Team worked together to develop a strategy for growth. The completion of an initial Strategy Deployment Matrix linking medium-term breakthrough objectives to the current critical strategic initiatives provided a clear business context for how the team could lead the business forward.

The wider Platform Leadership Team was engaged in a three-day offsite with the Senior Executives where all helped further develop and refine the Strategy Deployment Matrix and began to lay the foundations for the culture, teamwork and leadership necessary to deliver on the initiatives.

In parallel, a practical set of tools for process improvement was introduced to the Business Improvement Group (BIG) which provided a means to identify and implement customer focused improvement to processes across the business.

“The strategic perspective of the top team has shifted significantly since the work began – we’re less caught in the day-to-day and have balanced our current performance focus with leading for the long term” says Dave Tweedy, Platform CEO.

The offsites were a significant step in the development of Platform – they were engaging, fun and at the same time energising and business focused. The Strategy Deployment Process has provided clear direction to the business, and allowed prioritisation and focus of critical resources across the business.

The Strategy Deployment Process not only helped align the senior team, it enabled the alignment of the whole organisation around the strategy. The BIG process, in addition, engaged the whole organisation in continuous improvement.

“ReConsulting helped us to re-energise our whole approach to continuous business improvement. They provided challenge and support in equal measure and coached us to coach our own people in the skills and techniques required. Their facilitation is low key and refreshing. We couldn’t have done it without them but it almost feels as if we did.”

Action Learning has been used to help the Leadership Team develop as leaders, and for the BIG group to apply business improvement tools.

The overall approach has been one of collaboration – working together to move the business forward from the inside out.